Review: AKG Headphones (AKG-K7XX)

The new AKG K7xx is the result of a joint venture between AKG and Massdrop

If you can’t afford the Austrian Made K702 65th anniversary cans [] Then you can get the Chinese equivalent of them on massdrop []. Sold in batches and usually for a limited time these are some of the best open headphones I have tried. Most comfortable and just silky good sound.


See you later!


Universal talents. Robert de Boer’s Project

This is B.M. sharing a new music platform: free, legit and very impressive.


Tired of fake agents? fake music platforms? scam messages?  upfront payments?   a new music project see the light and seems something big. Universal talents is a legit and no cost agency, visited by talent hunters, agents, manager events, music label owners…

In short: is a really useful network to connect with music panorama.


What about the future of uberization concerning music bookings and other connections? The evidence is that it is part of a huge trend that is growing inexorably and Universal Talents is getting more and more followers. Worldwide artists from all music genres.


Just joined!




Salary of top EDM producers in 2016

Here’s a top ten list of the most paid Electronic Dance Music (EDM) producers and DJ’s of this year. You may know the majority of their names, but you will find also some newcomers. Voici un court barème des dix producteurs de EDM les mieux payés de l’année 2016. Vous connaissez sans doute la majorité […]

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